Farming Technology of Crops

When It was Farming Technology many years back we

used a term called “farming”. If you refer to the term

“farming” from Wikipedia: “The term farming covers a

wide spectrum of agricultural production work. At one

end of this range is the existence farmer, who farms

a small area with limited resource inputs, and produces

only enough food to meet the needs of his/her family.”

In real estate we used to be allocated to an area with

around 2,000 properties that we would prospect, manage

and sell our services to. Being focused on one area I

would become the expert and people living in the vicinity?

would come to me for advice to sell or buy their property.

This does not happen overnight and requires a lot of time

and effort to “farm” an area, just like a farmer would spend

time harvesting his crop.


A farmer would spend many hours on the field planting the

seeds and making sure the land was fertile and then wait many

months before anything would start to happen. The same is

true in business and I experienced it first hand when I was working

in real estate. It took me almost 6 months before anything happened

and I constantly kept marketing and promoting myself in the area

using the same proven techniques. I did have doubt over the first

few months because nothing was happening and I asked other

successful agents for advice, but they kept insisting to stay

persistent and focused on the same area. The result was many

sales and referrals. In the beginning I received 4 properties to sell

totaling to commissions of about $50,000 for the month. Happening

all at once, I didn’t really know what to do and showed I cared and

respected them.

Farming Technology Business

The later month’s sales continued to grow and I kept doing

what I did farming the area. You will find very many similarities

with running an Internet business to farming an area in real estate.

The key to succeeding in farming your crop of clients is to

present a consistent image to your target market. The more they

see of you, the branding of your business will stick like glue and

they will forever remember you. But to get there you have to income

action. It’s not about randomly firing out advertisements and

sending out emails to people aimed at the sake of emailing. You

have to formulate a strategic plan that will market to your

targeted audience and provide value. For example, whilst working

in real estate, the way I created a brand for myself was to write an

article for my weekly letterbox drop.


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